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start quotesMy husband and I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful environment for our daughter to learn and grow up in while we had to work. LaGarderie is so much more than just a pre-school or daycare...LaGarderie has become our daughter's second home, a place she feels most comfortable and can be herself, and learn while she's there, too.

As you know we have no family here in Maryland so having a safe place for our children while we work is important. LaGarderie provided that and so much more.
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The Spells Family

2 Year Olds

Our two year old program is carefully divided into two separate classrooms young twos and the older twos, whom we like to call Early Preschoolers. Our classroom environment is designed to accommodate the unique disposition of twos while fostering self-help skills and social independence. At La Garderie we understand the growing development needs of 24 months old and 30 months old. Our Twos’ Comprehensive Curriculum uses hand-on exploration and social interaction to help your two year old learn about their world in a safe and engaging environment. Through the guidance of our experienced teachers, twos are supported through their growing need for independence, social independence, physical growth and language development.