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start quotesWe can't thank you enough for the past 7 years. You have given the boys a great foundation that will stay with them as they become adults.
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The first few years of life are an extraordinary time that sets the stage for all the years that follow. Our unique Infant Possibilities Program promotes developmentally appropriate educational activities that include curiosity, language, social and physical possibilities.

Our Infant Possibility program consists of three (3) stages: 6 weeks through 5 or 6 months; 7 months through 11 months and 12 months through 18 months. When a child moves to the next level is determined by the child's personal development. La Garderie does not have a set program schedule for our infants; instead we encourage the children to learn and play at their own pace and on their own schedule. Throughout the day, children may enjoy the large variety of play materials that are readily made available to them. Our older infants may enjoy some art activities, finger play, parachute play and felt board stories. Infants are given daily rides in the four-seater "Bye-Bye Buggy."

We encourage parents to stop by and nurse or feed their infants, and invite parents of toddlers to have lunch with us or participate in program activities.

Even the youngest of children are encouraged to learn about their world through our developmentally appropriate curriculum that invites exploration, celebrates each important milestone and supports the transition from the sensory motor world of infancy to the increasingly social and self-directed world of toddlers.

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