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start quotesWe cannot say enough about La Garderie and what it has done for our two daughters. We visited several other centers before our first contact with La Garderie. Both of us were impressed with the atmosphere that surrounds you once you enter the front doors of the center. The staff and the director know each child so well, and have catered to both areas of excellence and need in both our girls.

Even though we have moved to another county, our youngest still attends La Garderie, as we feel she will receive the best care, nurturing and education there. We recommend La Garderie at every given opportunity.
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Lesley M.

Our Programs

We offer many exciting, fun and educating programs for children six weeks through twelve years of age. La Garderie School’s program follow the guidelines for age appropriate practice set forth by Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE). Our curriculum is based on extensive research by many Early Childhood educators and theorists. At La Garderie, we believe that children learn differently. Therefore, our teachers arrange lesson plans that incorporate several different approaches, hence giving each child the opportunity to learn without pressure.

Our programs are designed to foster self-esteem and build self-confidence. Exciting activities are created to help each child develop competence in self-help skills and language abilities necessary for good communication. We encourage children to feel good about themselves as a result of their achievements.

We provide an environment in which children can blossom. The children learn through play, hands on experience and independent discovery. Our learning activities are age-specific and allow children to work and learn side-by-side at their own pace. Children develop a strong sense of order, independence, self respect and responsibility.

Our enrichment program includes many activities that will motivate and challenge every child. One-on-one tutoring, music lessons and foreign language are available. During the summer, children ages three through twelve will enjoy our exciting "Summer Blast Camps".

We take pride in knowing that our teachers work as a team to ensure that every child is physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually ready for their next challenging level.

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