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start quotesWe cannot say enough about La Garderie and what it has done for our two daughters. We visited several other centers before our first contact with La Garderie. Both of us were impressed with the atmosphere that surrounds you once you enter the front doors of the center. The staff and the director know each child so well, and have catered to both areas of excellence and need in both our girls.

Even though we have moved to another county, our youngest still attends La Garderie, as we feel she will receive the best care, nurturing and education there. We recommend La Garderie at every given opportunity.
start quotes

Lesley M.

La Garderie's Promise:


We promise to build a child’s self esteem by...

  • Establishing realistic, achievable goals and anticipate success.
  • Allowing children to explore options in different situations.
  • Rejecting the child’s behavior, but never reject the child.
  • Valuing each child as an individual with unique strengths, needs, interests, and skills.
  • Avoiding making assumptions about a child’s behavior.
  • Never criticizing a child’s questions.
  • Having conversations with every child.
  • Avoiding bringing up past difficulties when discussing an issue or a problem.
  • Providing multiple ways for children to be successful in the classroom, program or at home.
  • Emphasizing the positive aspects of their behavior or performance even if the task was not completely successful; reward direction, and not perfection.
  • Encouraging children to take risks.
  • Offering choices to allow children to practice decision-making skills.
  • Understanding that mistakes are an inevitable (valuable) part of any learning experience; use these as an opportunity to teach and assist.
  • Never, ever communicate disappointment to a child.
  • Maintaining a file of child’s academic work to demonstrate his or her progress and development when he or she is feeling down.
  • Never comparing one child to another.
  • Leaving my personal troubles at the door.


                                              -The La Garderie Team-