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start quotesMy husband and I feel blessed to have found such a wonderful environment for our daughter to learn and grow up in while we had to work. LaGarderie is so much more than just a pre-school or daycare...LaGarderie has become our daughter's second home, a place she feels most comfortable and can be herself, and learn while she's there, too.

As you know we have no family here in Maryland so having a safe place for our children while we work is important. LaGarderie provided that and so much more.
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The Spells Family

La Garderie's Promise:


We promise to build a child’s self esteem by...

  • Establishing realistic, achievable goals and anticipate success.
  • Allowing children to explore options in different situations.
  • Rejecting the child’s behavior, but never reject the child.
  • Valuing each child as an individual with unique strengths, needs, interests, and skills.
  • Avoiding making assumptions about a child’s behavior.
  • Never criticizing a child’s questions.
  • Having conversations with every child.
  • Avoiding bringing up past difficulties when discussing an issue or a problem.
  • Providing multiple ways for children to be successful in the classroom, program or at home.
  • Emphasizing the positive aspects of their behavior or performance even if the task was not completely successful; reward direction, and not perfection.
  • Encouraging children to take risks.
  • Offering choices to allow children to practice decision-making skills.
  • Understanding that mistakes are an inevitable (valuable) part of any learning experience; use these as an opportunity to teach and assist.
  • Never, ever communicate disappointment to a child.
  • Maintaining a file of child’s academic work to demonstrate his or her progress and development when he or she is feeling down.
  • Never comparing one child to another.
  • Leaving my personal troubles at the door.


                                              -The La Garderie Team-