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start quotesWe can't thank you enough for the past 7 years. You have given the boys a great foundation that will stay with them as they become adults.
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Rebecca L.

School Age - Kids Pub

At La Garderie we recognize the growing physical, intellectual, and social competence of older children. Eager to form social connections and discover how the adult world works, school-agers thrive on challenges, friendships, clubs and responsibility. Our school-agers whom we like to call “Kids Pub” program is set up to provide a relaxing environment for your child after a long day at school. A well-planned environment and curriculum that meet the needs of the children is a key to minimizing discipline problems. Our environment is structured to help children relax, foster friends and respect individual differences in self and others.

Children of all ages look to adults for guidance. As professionals, we strive to provide school-age children with an environment that encourages exploration, interaction, decision-making and fosters self control.

Our large room is fully equipped with games, furniture, equipment that is designed especially for the school-age child. Special in and out of center activities are planned when schools are closed and early dismissal. Our group leaders model, nurture, provide appropriate choices and set reasonable expectations that will help and guide the school ager to making good choices.

Homework help is provided. We transport to and from many schools in our community. Contact our director or visit our school for a personal tour.